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As good governance has never been so important these days for organisations as the scene it is playing in is rapidly changing. The new media have given citizens and your clients a stage to influence politicians, regulators and so your organisation more than ever. On top of the economical challenges organisations face increasing costs in compliance and risk management.

With more demands on these functions and departments, organisations search for software solutions to help them fulfil regulatory obligations and manage risks.

The people of Vernuso are experienced and passionate in assisting organisations build effective governance programs by aligning the existing in-house solutions, extended with new solutions where needed to create synergy between legal, compliance, risk management and audit processes and significantly reducing the administrative and financial costs.

Governance Architecture

Typically compliance, risk, audit, anti-fraud groups depend on specific point solutions for monitoring, analytics, workflows for dealing with there specific problems. The underlying functionalities share a lot of common ground. By creating a governance architecture the number of solutions needed can be reduced and collaboration improved.

Selecting Software

Although your organisation may have a standardised software selection process, choosing the right solution is not so straightforward in the governance domain. As an example there are many (according to research of GRC20/20 over 600) GRC solutions which overlap and differ in functionalities. A few of them are best for your specific situation.

Inhouse Development

When developing a solution to address your organisations specific needs, our experience can assist your team from both a functional and technical perspective and to prevent typical pitfalls caused through the big differences in understanding between the business and IT experts. Our people can act as a true liaison.